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We offer a range of property relates services, from Investment property to lifestlye property anywhere around the world. Our main focus of late has been the hgh yielding market of the USA where we provide fully packaged property deals with yields as between 8% and 35%. These properties are selling very quickly as you might expect, and come with property management companies in place, so you can relax and enjoy the terrific returns. Whilst yields are highest in areas that have suffered most in the economic housing fallout, such as Detroit, yields in excess of 15% can still be achieved in places such as New York and Florida. All our deals are carefully selectd ensuring only the better areas are offered, and are always tenanted at the time of purchase, to pre screened tenants.

Amogst other offers, we also have a large database of Spanish bank repossessions. Property prices in Spain have fallen sharply and here are some real bargians to be achieved, but as with any purchase, the better properties sell the quickest so dont delay.

We also work closely with several builders in Spain to build your dream home, including ECO friendly villas.

The UK market, and in particualr London, offers a great opportunity to benefit from long term capital gworth whilst enjoying an income that will often service any finance in the property. London is London as is the preferred investment hotspot of manywealthy foreign investor.

We are constantly updating properties on the site, so bookmark us and check daily. Alternatively use the contact form, telling us of your requirements and we can often source the property suited to your criteria.

With a background in investment, we are also happy to review any of the alternative investments you may have been offered. This is a potential minefield, and whilst we will from time to time offer such investments, they will be very carefully screened to ensure their suitability.


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